Responsive Website Design

As the mobile internet user base in increasing at an unimaginable pace, it has now become critical to accommodate and enhance the website user’s experience for the web users on the go. To deal with the situation, Google has already made an important update this May which has brought the responsive or smart websites into the forefront and has shifted the focus to the significance of mobile responsive website designs.
responsive website
Converting an existing website into a responsive design or creating a brand new one takes precise coding and needs skills. The company owners can’t spend time learning the complex coding languages. Therefore, finding an expert or hiring a professional online marketing firm is the best way to keep your website up-to-date as per Google’s best practices. After all, the success or failure of your business also depends on your website.

Reasons to opt for a responsive website design:

Enhanced User Experience:
A user certainly cannot have the same experience using a desktop version of the website on the mobile phone. It can also be frustrating to see images going haywire and finding no synchronization of text at all. No, your mobile handset is not to be blamed for this. The website is not designed to cater to mobile internet users, hence you are unable to see the website properly. And more often than not, such tiresome and frustrating user experiences lead to a loss of the potential customer. The good news is, with a responsive design, websites can now adapt to all devices be it a Desktop, Mobile or Tablet. Responsive websites are also compatible with all major browsers such as Microsoft Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, and Mozilla Firefox. Along with the flexibility to view content on different devices, it also offers a great user experience on different screen sizes and resolutions without much effort.

Better Conversion Rate:
Various studies based on Google Analytics show that responsive designs yield better conversion rates due to lesser bounce rate. Users tend to stay longer on a responsive site, therefore, the chances of conversion increase. It is also a cost effective option as you don’t need to invest in multiple SEO techniques and separate designs for different devices.

Improved Google Ranking:
The search engine emperor Google has already started rewarding the mobile-friendly websites with a higher ranking as compared to the sites with the non-responsive design. Implemented since April 21 of 2015, Google has also started penalizing sites without a responsive web design. The search engine promotes the website when there are matching URLs and the same HTML across all platforms. Google dominates the web search market, therefore, it’s wise to take notice when Google makes any changes in its ranking system.

Easy Manageability:
Responsive websites also have a perk in the form of easy manageability. The two different versions for desktop and mobile phones require different techniques for Search Engine Optimization as well. Mobile phones need a completely different SEO tactics as compared to the ones used for desktop versions. If the website can adapt to all devices, the same content and keywords can be used for one single site and domain.

If you are still asking why should you choose a responsive website design, the more critical question is why haven’t to chosen it yet? It’s better late than never. Leads Online Marketing has the expertise and experience to transform your website into a completely new and updated form of marketing with the help of a responsive website design based on Google’s best practices.

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